"And we shall form a family band!" Getty Images

The beauty of the Final Four? Simplicity. Four teams, two games, one goal: Monday night. You know all the "big" storylines. That's where we come in, with a team-by-team evaluation of the lesser known elements. Four teams, 16 items per team = 64 total items. It's like the Tournament is starting all over again! But it's not. Whew. We've already done Kansas . Right now: the UCLA Bruins.

(1) In the early days of UCLA, it had the same school colors—navy blue and gold—as Cal-Berkeley. Wow. Who dropped the ball on that one?

(2) Nixon's Chief of Staff, H.R. Halderman, was the driving force behind the construction of the famed Pauley Pavilion. We take everything back about that administration.

(3) First game ever at Pauley? November 27, 1965. The freshmen team took on the varsity … and won by 15. One reason? Lew Alcindor had just arrived from New York.

(4) The second coach of UCLA (ever) was named Caddy Works (how cool a name is that?), and despite his 173-159 record over 17 years, he was completely dismissed by UCLA legend Frank Lubin who said, "He was more of an honorary coach, with little basketball knowledge." Ouch.

(5) If you ever wonder why Darren Collison is so fast, it's pretty simple: genetics. Both his parents were awesome track athletes. His mother June was No. 10 in the world in 400m, and his dad Dennis represented Guyana in the 200m at the Pan-American Games.

(6) Lorenzo Mata's actual name? Lorenzo Mata-Real. No, seriously. This isn't like, the beginning of a bad Abbott and Costello sketch. That's his name.

(7) Here was Russell Westbrook's practice routine as he developed as a baller, as determined by his father. He would start by working his way around the key in stations, hitting three shots in a row before moving to the next one. He would finish up with 50 free throws and was only allowed two dunks per practice. No wonder he's starting for UCLA.

(8) Kevin Love's middle name is Wesley, for Wes Unseld, who his dad used to play with.

(9) Luc Richard Mbah A Moute is a cult figure in Westwood, with two websites devoted to him: Prince of Westwood and Moute Kicks Boute . The former refers to the fact that he is a Cameroonian prince.

(10) Speaking of international play and Moute, he declares he's "undefeatable on FIFA World Cup Soccer." Yea? Wanna put your money where your mouth is?

(11) Think Josh Shipp isn't the most valuable Bruin? He might be at Soulja Boy dorm room dancing .

(12) When Ben Howland was a graduate assistant at Gonzaga back in the day, his main duty was to guard John Stockton in practice. Guess that explains why aggressive defense and level-headed PG play are trademarks of all Howland teams.

(13) Another notable alum of Howland's Cerritos High School? Blind Date host Roger Lodge.

(14) You think the main rivalry for UCLA is USC? (You're probably right.) Earl Watson, though, seems to have someone else in mind: "I take offense to those who act like UCLA is just another school compared to Duke. Duke is a great school in the east; UCLA is worldwide."

(15) UCLA's fight song, "Sons of Westwood," was organized by Kelley James to be performed by three marching bands at once: UCLA, UC-Davis, and Cal. After that happened, UCLA kept using it. Cal wasn't happy, but in 1969, the Copyright Office of the Library of Congress declared the song had never been copyrighted, and therefore in the public domain. Whew!

(16) Because we enjoy irony, here's the UCLA Awaken a cappella group singing Walking in Memphis . Get it? UCLA/Memphis? Heh.