Jason's Hollywood connections are beginning to roll in. Courtesy ABC

Dancing With the Stars is opening doors for Jason Taylor—green room doors. Last Friday night, Taylor was a guest on the Tonight Show, along with comedian Tracey Ullman, and Ullman's opening line was, "I watched you dance and I thought you looked hot in your tight beige pants.'' Going in, Taylor didn't think Jay Leno knew who he was, but he does now. Taylor was completely at ease, laughed about having sore feet and told Leno that Nike needs to make an air-sole dancing shoe. If he wins the DWTS title, they just might.

Me on the Jay Leno Show? I'd have never thought. I'm just a football player from Miami, coming off a tough season. When they told me I was doing Leno, I literally said, "Why would he want me?'' I don't always see in me what other people see. And then I had to follow Tracey Ullman. That's like, impossible.

I bumped into her before we went on and she was asking me why I didn't wear my tight pants to the show. I didn't know what to say.

By the way, it's true what I told Jay: My daughter, Zoe, has named her Barbie doll Edyta, after my dance partner. She carries that doll around with her everywhere, takes her in the car, her little Edyta. And that's not all. My 5-year-old son, Isaiah, says he wants to MARRY Edyta. Of course, you know 5-year-olds. Today he changed his mind and said he wanted to marry his mommy.

Speaking of my wife, Katina, she wasn't at our dancing performance tonight, and it really affected me. We found out on Saturday that her grandfather, Papa, was gravely ill and she flew down to Texas to see him immediately. I was going to go with her. I was going to bring Edyta with us, so we could keep practicing, but my wife wouldn't have it. She knew we were dancing the Cha-cha-cha this week, which is a fast, tough dance, and she wanted us to stay and work. She's so supportive. So I stayed.

But then we got the worst news: Papa died. Katina got to spend a few minutes with him and say goodbye, which I'm thankful for. Her grandfather was the closest person in the world to her and this breaks my heart. Katina's brother, you know, is my old teammate Zach Thomas, so Zach's hurting, too. I wanted to be there badly and I have to admit it really sapped my energy a bit tonight. We scored a 24 out of 30 and I'm hoping everyone will vote for me at 1800-868-3402, but I wanted to be in two places tonight: Texas and Hollywood.

It's crazy, because my whole world is dancing right now. The NFL draft is Saturday, but I won't watch. I'll be dancing. Are you kidding? I have to learn two new dances for next week, including the Quick Step, so I can't tell you who the Dolphins are going to draft. I'm not Mel Kiper. People keep saying if they draft a d-lineman, then that's the end of my days in Miami. But I'm staying away from all that. I'm just removed from football right now. I approach dancing like I do football—I'm all in—so I've got to stay all in. All the football stuff will work its way out. It's just April, anyway. People in football don't realize the world is a lot bigger than their own little circle.

And I'm finding that out this spring. Here I am on the Tonight Show, and here's my wife in tears in Texas. I can't think about whether the Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland blew it or not by accidentally saying he was picking defense this coming Saturday. Maybe it was a Freudian slip or maybe not. But I got a wife and a dance to take care of.