"You're supposed to PAY those things?" Getty Images

We love Wesley Snipes. Ok, that's not true. We liked Wesley in Major League (Passenger 57 wasn't bad), which is arguably the best baseball movie ever (we know, we know; films like Bang the Drum Slowly are better, but who's comparing that to Major League, really? It's like comparing Heidi Montag to Judi Dench). For what it was supposed to be, Major League is awesome. So awesome, in fact, that we're dumping out a ton of links from it!

"Well then, let's win the whole damn thing."

A mash-up of several scenes.

"Just a bit outside."

Ha, Randy Quaid.

"Hats for Bats."

Jake Taylor bunts!

Jesus and Curve Balls.

Ever watched the movie in Spanish? Ha. Give it a whirl.

"F.U., Jobu."

The Indians credit card commercial. In Spanish. Ha.

Wesley, in all his glory.