"Before Candace Cameron entered my family, the only joy I received was from ending long NHL games with this wicked slapshot of mine." Getty Images

As you probably know, the Dallas Stars and San Jose Sharks needed four overtimes last night to break the hearts of Northern California hockey fans again. It was the 8th longest game in NHL history, and since we love watching hockey well after midnight, we thought we'd use "Clip Reel" to document some other occurences of lengthy puck contests and the classic moments associated with them.

The longest game ever was Montreal Maroons vs. Detroit Red Wings way back on March 24, 1936.
Number 2 was a Bruins vs. Maple Leafs game from April of 1933.
The longest game in modern NHL history was Penguins vs. Flyers (hey, they're meeting in the Conference Finals this year!) back in the 2000 playoffs. Keith Primeau had the game winner.
Penguins vs. Capitals back in 1996 was pretty long.
Stars vs. Canucks in April 2007 was Roberto Luongo's first playoff game; it was also 4OT.
Devils vs. Sabres back in the '94 Playoffs went 4OT as well.
The skate in the crease goal was in the third OT, remember.
Igor Larionov iced the Hurricanes in the 2002 Cup Finals with this goal in the third OT.
The Easter Epic in 1987 ended with a Pat LaFontaine game winner; it's one of the longest Game 7s in NHL history.
The 1993 Montreal Canadiens won 10 straight OT games en route to their Cup.
Pavel Bure, who was filthy in 1994, ends the series with the Flames way deep into the game.
Stephane Matteau's goal against the Devils in Brodeur's rookie year to ice the Eastern Conference Finals.
Uwe Krupp ended the '96 Cup Finals in OT with a goal, and gave the Avs their first Cup.
In 2000, Jason Arnott put one past Ed Belfour in 2OT to end the Cup Finals.
In March of this year, a high school game in Michigan went 109 minutes before the two teams were declared co-league champions.
And two weeks later, a match in Germany went just as long, becoming the second-longest game in international hockey history.