"Unless you went to Illinois and helped Roy Williams win his only title by clanking a bunch of threes, I probably own you." Getty Images

Hey, Chris Paul turns 23 today! Wow, that's a kick in the shorts for most of male America. Check it: the guy was ridiculous at Wake Forest (although that Round of 32 loss to West Virginia will always hurt), has been epic in the pros (except against Deron Williams, but that's a story for another day) and currently has his team with the first 2-0 advantage on a Tim Duncan Spurs team in history. Happy birthday, CP3; this "Clip Reel" is dedicated to you.

A good mix of Paul highlights from HS.
Famous story: in tribute to his grandfather, Paul once stopped at exactly 61 points in a HS game.
Paul was in the same Jordan Classic (2003) as LeBron.
Good print article about the aforementioned 61 point game.

CP3 does his thang against Temple.
And against J.J. Redick.
Overall mix of Wake highlights.
Another one.
That loss to WVU. Amazing game.

His Top 10 Plays of '05-'06.
That earned him ROY, which earned him this ad.
Here's a fairly filthy, lengthy mix of Paul NBA clips.
And here's him setting a World Record.
Here, he thanks people for attending the 2008 All-Star Game.
Hey, we were there.
Frankly, we love Chris Paul.
As the only player who seems to be able to beat him consistently, Deron might love him more.
CP3's playoff debut this year was unreal.
More Deron owning CP3.
But oooh, here's visual evidence of Paul crossing Williams over pretty badly.
Hey, Chris Paul's been on Kimmel!
On the eve of his birthday, he goes for 30 and 12 against the Spurs.
We like this Paul mix because it's entitled "The Bug Man."