When we had this option, would we really put a pic of Modano here? C'mon! Getty Images

NHL Western Conference Finals start tonight: Stars vs. Red Wings. Try as we might to concoct a Wings vs. Stars rivalry—there have been a few intense games over the years—it's not there on the level Wings vs. Avalanche is. So rather, we're turning our "Clip Reel" on someone even more stable to Dallas than Dealey Plaza: Mike Modano.

This video subhead claims Modano is "the best player in the world." Um, maybe not. But it's a good overall recap of his career.
Back in the day, Mark Messier cleaned his clock.
Modano played in the 1991 Cup Finals as a Minnesota North Star.
He ended up winning the Cup in '99 with Dallas.
Check out their locker room afterwards.
Dallas loves Modano. He appears on morning shows there all the time!
Rightfully so. The dude's got 500 plus goals. Here's Number 500.
499 may have been more impressive, in that it won a game in OT.
Modano also has the points record for a US-born player; here's a clip of him setting it.
HDNet did a feature on him which was pretty cool.
Modano finished off the defending champs this year with an empty-netter.
Funny fake ad with Mikey.
Another spot with him and Willa Ford.
E! News had clips of their wedding.
Here they are on New Year's Eve last year at Victory Park in Dallas! OMG!
The Detroit Free Press is currently speculating that the 37 year old Modano could be "forced into retirement" if the Stars lose this series. Never!
Here's Mike's official website.
Here's Willa's.
There's a Mike Modano Ice Arena in Michigan. Cool!
The Onion has even chimed in on Modano.