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Big night on ESPN: the NBA Draft Lottery at 8pm (Jay Z will be the Nets' rep, which is awesome) followed by Pistons vs. Celtics (Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals) at 8:30pm. We now turn to a 'Clip Reel' of Pistons vs. Celtics moments from this season, some Magazine content related to both squads…and a look at some cool Draft Lottery moments throughout history. Get psyched.

First meeting of the season between the Celtics and Pistons back on December 19: Pistons win by 2.
They met again in January; Celtics win 92-85.
In March, the Cs won again, 90-78.
We made a video with the Celtics before the season even began.
Here's a tremendous Eric Adelson feature on Rasheed Wallace.
Bill Simmons' take on KG.
Here's a cool video we made with KG back when he was on the Timberwolves. And uh, his coach was Flip Saunders.
And because he writes for us sometimes, here's a Klosterman NY Times article on Garnett.

The 1985 Draft Lottery. Rigged or not?
Portland wins it in 2007. Our friend at work just said, "What if they win again? They might as well just take the trophy right there." Ha.
The 1993 Draft Lottery. Chris Webber watched this with glee.
2005 Lottery. Is it too soon to call Bogut a bust?
1995. Amazingly, Joe Smith is still in the league.
1999. Elton Brand watched this euphorically.
So, the 1997 NBA Draft Lottery - where Duncan ended up in San Antonio - was pretty influential.
Good piece on the evolution of the Draft Lottery.
When the Magic won the '92 Draft Lottery (to ostensibly get Shaq), NBC asked their GM if he was planning to rob any banks.
How to fix the Draft Lottery system.
Comprehensive look at the 2008 Lottery.
Derrick Rose highlights.
Michael Beasley highlights.
Jerryd Bayless highlights.