"Seriously, who the hell is this Kimbo fool?" Getty Images

Two icons of sport and, well, culture, Mr. T and Ricky Williams celebrate birthday's today. Mr. T, born Laurence Tureaud back on this day in 1952 in Chicago, Illinois, is best known for his work as Clubber Lang. But the man is diverse. Just because there were two minutes that shoulda' won him an Oscar, doesn't mean there isn't more. Trust us. And then there's Ricky, who impossibly, is 31 today. So it's only right that we pay our video respects.

Mr T. is rapping and grooving away in this stunningly addictive video, teaching you treat your mother right!

Ricky Williams smokes Tony Dorsett, and Musburger is there to broadcast it. Stars align.

Mr. T shows you how to dress, 80's style! Amazing this can happen from a man whose style transcends the ages.

Ricky takes down the Heisman – with Fowler and Corso in the house!

Mr. T is on Letterman, and it gets a little testy.

Ricky Williams after he's drafted, showing his Jedi-like mind control power over Mike Ditka.

Mr. T is a master of World of Warcraft.

Things are started to going downhill now, and Colin Cowherd is having a field day on Ricky's pot problem.

Mr. T drives a tank, and reminds you to get some nuts! Fool!

Man, this is awkward. A killer praise-piece slash interview with Ricky and Earl Campbell. Don't mind that UCLA is housing Texas.

Mr. T doesn't want you working the internet when you should be doing your job. Stay the hell off Clip Reels, fool!