"I HATE snakes, but I love Rik Smits." Getty Images

We'll admit: some of us aren't leaving New York for Memorial Day (a horrible idea, honestly). We're sitting with a friend discussing the weekend and two things come up: (a) Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and (b) the Indy 500. "THEME WEEKEND!" Amen. We're dedicating our "Clip Reel" feature to that concept: great moments from things related to "Indy," meaning Harrison Ford and Reggie Miller are about to share the spotlight with Helio and Bob Knight.

Indiana Jones in LegoLand!
Indiana Jones and the Song of Theme!
John Williams has a tremendous musical influence.
The Angry Video Game Nerd addresses Indiana Jones.
The trailer for the new movie.
Speed painting Indiana Jones.
The first day of filming and Spielberg's already breaking out the champagne.
The original Temple of Doom trailer.
Original Raiders of the Lost Ark trailer.
The review that may have sunk this new movie.

Possibly the most underrated Bob Knight press conference clip ever.
Here's his Top 10 soundbites ever.
One Shining Moment from 1987 when they won it all.
The famous speech from Hoosiers, the movie edition.
The 1990 Indiana HS basketball championships, because we can.

The Top 10 Reggie Miller moments.
Here's the opening sequence from the Lakers vs. Pacers NBA Finals in 2000. It's pretty awesome.
Here are the Top 10 moments from those Finals.
Ah, the "Boom Goes the Dynamite" kid talking Pacers.
A classic Pacers ad from 1995.
The Pacers mascot doing his thing in a slam dunk contest. Great music, too.
The Malice at the Palace.

This is really the only Colts link you need.
OK, maybe this one.
OK, this too.
And a Johnny Unitas tribute video seems appropriate.

Danica Patrick running over a crew member.
The super close finish in 2006.
One man's list of the Top 5 Indy 500 moments.
The 1992 finish.
The 1995 finish.
The 1997 finish.