Horry after his dagger against the Kings in the 2002 Western Conference Finals. Getty Images

Years ago, one of our staffers saw Robert Horry outside a bar in Houston. Somewhat inebriated, said staffer goes up to him and says, "What do you think your legacy will be?" Predictably, there was no reply, but it's an interesting question: he's got 7 rings, a long-standing legacy of dagger shots, but he's never been the star. Now, with news he may be walking away for good the question seems more relevant than ever. Since we don't know the next time we'll see him outside a bar, we're gonna dedicate today's edition of Clip Reel to him instead.

Good place to start: a Top 10 list of Horry clutch moments.
The dagger vs. the Kings in the 2002 Western Conference Finals. The way the crowd raises up is incredible.
Good Robert Horry tribute video.
The Ballad of Robert Horry. Amazing!
Another good tribute video.
Horry's ridiculous Game 5 in the 2005 Finals (21 points in the last 17 minutes).
Here's the dagger he dropped on the Pistons at the end of that game.
Classic footage of Horry as a Rocket rookie.
A filthy dunk he had as a rookie.
He won a title as a rookie in 1994 with Houston; the first line you hear on this clip, by the way, is "What in the world is Pat Riley thinking keeping John Starks in this game?" HA!
Ridiculous facial dunk on Terry Mills.
We do need to address the whole Steve Nash checking incident from the playoffs last year.
And the hard foul on David West this year.
Robert Horry with Ali G.
Nice NY Times profile on Horry from last summer.
Hey, Robert Horry has a foundation. Cool!
Slate throws Horry under the bus.
The New York Sun does the same.
But Henry Abbott seems to like him (or at least his readers do).
J.A. Adande definitely does, though!