When the Basketball Association of America was founded, well, they were waiting for moments like Magic in Game 6 of the 1980 Finals. Getty Images

Did ya know the NBA was (kinda) actually founded on this day (1946)? Yep, only it wasn't called that (but it was two years after D-Day!) It was 'The Basketball Association of America.' Three years later, it would merge with the NBL and create a 17-franchise 'NBA.' Cool. We thought we'd honor it not with a look at Kobe - although he may show up in some of these videos - but by looking back at some of the greatest moments in NBA history. We're broad and reflective like that.

The Greatest Moments in All-Star Game History.
This is a pretty ridiculous montage of NBA classic moments up to around 2000.
Magic: Game 6, 1980.
Nice MJ dunk mix.
Another nice all-time moments mix.
MJ's last shot as a Bull.
Horry against the Kings.
Larry Bird's Top 10 Playoff moments.
Allen Iverson handing the Lakers their only loss of the 2001 playoffs.
Trailblazers vs. Spurs in the '99 WCF.
The Lakers comeback to get to their first Kobe and Shaq final.
McHale vs. Rambis.
NBA.Com lists the greatest moments in league history.
Willis Reed in 1970.
Wilt gets 100 (the radio call!)
Bird vs. Wilkins in 1988
Jordan's Top 10 plays. It's missing about 57.
Iverson's Top 10 plays (as of about a year ago)
Jerry West's 60 footer.
The intro to 1976 NBA Finals, which featured one of the best games ever.
Here's the end of that Game 5.
The Blazers come back in 1977.
Is this the best dunk in NBA history? Possibly.
Fisher vs. the Spurs.
Here's the Top 10 playoff buzzer beaters of all-time.
Jordan over Ehlo!
Marv: "A spectacular move by Michael Jordan!"
"Sometimes I dream that he is me..."
Reggie Miller killing the Knicks and taunting Spike Lee.
The 100 greatest steals in NBA history.
The 100 greatest assists in NBA history.
More tremendous buzzer beaters (100 of 'em!)
And 100 dunks too.
A little Bob Cousy for you.
Some Kareem (he is the all-time leading scorer in league history)
Stockon to Malone: nothing finer.
"The Lister Blister."
If you appreciate a good alley-oop, watch this.
This seems like a logical way to wrap up: the golden era of the league in one shoe commercial together.