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Tuesdays mean The Sporting Equivalency, in which we equate a figure in popular culture to athletes in the four major sports (we might have to expand this summer because of Olympic buzz). We were overjoyed to learn this morning that it's Bobby Jindal's birthday. Said a dude a few cubicles over: "The dude from The Sopranos?" Naw. The governor of Louisiana and a possible McCain VP choice. FYI: he turns 37 today. Dude's still three years out from 40 and he might be Vice President? Awesome. [Ed's note: Or depressing.] So who's he like in MLB already?

Bobby Jindal's MLB Equivalent: Hanley Ramirez

Large contract aside, we just don't think Ramirez gets the love he should. Some people, including our man Jayson Stark, think he's the second-best player in the game behind Alex Rodriguez. Jindal doesn't have a national rep—yet (he might be a featured speaker at the '08 GOP Convention, even if he's not the VP nominee). They both do their business young and well—and heck, in the South.

Bobby Jindal's NBA Equivalent: Gilbert Arenas

Here's our logic: Jindal's not flashy like Arenas and you probably wouldn't find him blogging. However, Jindal to us is kind of a Republican Obama. Check it: loses the Louisiana Governor race in '03, comes back and wins in '07 (Obama dropped races, then stormed back). First non-white to serve as Louisiana Governor since Reconstruction—he's breaking down barriers like Barack. First-ever Indian-American Governor in US history. When we asked political authority Wolf Blitzer who the Obama of the NBA was, he said Gilbert. We know, we know: Wolf's a DC guy, so of course he'd say that. Honestly, though, in 2003 no one knew Jindal or Obama. They may help shape the country for the next 20 years. At Arizona, only hoops heads knew Gilbert. If his recent opt out gets him to a team that can use him right, he's gonna help shape the NBA across the next decade.

Bobby Jindal's NFL Equivalent: Adrian Peterson

Young, awesome and only going to get better, taking a somewhat depressed area (Post-Katrina N.O.) and franchise (Vikings) with him. With Jared Allen in the mix [Ed's note: He's in our next issue!], the Vikings may make the playoffs this year. Bigger stage for "AP." September 2008 in—ahem—Minnesota? Bigger stage for "BJ."!

Bobby Jindal's NHL Equivalent: Alexander Ovechkin

Again: young, awesome, record-setters (Jindal is the youngest Governor in America) and heck, within ten years, they both might be living in DC and having seismic effects on the citizens there. Or not.