This one photo encapsulates a couple of issues with the Cowboys winning the NFC Title next January. Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys are arguably the most talented team in the NFC this season. Problem is: they got more distractions than you can shake a stick at. Via our daily feature Clip Reel, here's a look at some of those potential pitfalls.

First, just watch this.
Then, there's T.O.
And more T.O.
And still more T.O.
Man, the dude is always in the news.

Then they went and got Pac Man Jones.
Ostensibly, this could blow up in their face.

Now Terry Glenn wants to be released, but Jerry Jones won't let him go!

Meanwhile, the 67 million dollar QB is dating a starlet.
... who doesn't have the best history with dudes.
Even a Cowboys blogger is concerned about all this!
Meanwhile, Ken Hamlin is also a no-show at camp.
And through it all, Wade Phillips is predictably generic.