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[Ed's note: Michael Beasley will be blogging for us throughout the summer. If you click through after the jump, you'll find a video that goes along with this post.]

So far, since declaring for the NBA Draft I've been spending some time in Philadelphia, working on my game.

I have been working out with John Hardnett of 3on3 Enterprises over at Drexel University. John is pretty much a legend in Philly when it comes to basketball workouts. The "Hardnet Clinics" is what everyone here in Philly calls the sessions and they go just about every day from April to October. You never know who is going to pop in to get up a sweat. Seriously, a lot of the Sixers have been in and out, a bunch of NBA guys who call Philly home are working out here as well. At least once a week some random NBA cat drops in because he is in town for business and just looking to get a run in. A lot of D-I guys and a couple of elite high school kids that I've read about on recruiting websites are also running with us. We go Monday through Friday for about 3 hours a day.

Aside from feeding us Philly soft pretzels and bananas, John does something that is different from anything I have ever experienced. John matches us up by position and has us go 3on3 full court. So I end up on the court with 5 other 3/4's and we play full-court to 11. I like the 3on3 games a lot. With only six guys on the court, the floor really opens up and allows me to work on specific moves. Plus it's a sick workout. However, they're limiting the number of games I play to lessen the chance of me getting hurt by some freak accident. I hate it, because I want to ball all the time. I never want to sit and watch. But I understand their reasons.

Off the court, Philly is a solid city and I have been hangin' with DeAndre Jordan from Texas A&M who is also here working out with John Hardnett. "DJ" is hilarious. I know him pretty well from playing against him in the Big 12 and also from our days on the summer travel scene and Team USA U18 sqauds. So I knew he was a funny guy, but DJ has us rollin' on the floor all the time. That helps since we don't have a chance to do many fun things. We're usually so tired from the workouts that we spend most of the day back at the hotel recovering. So DJ's clownin around helps break up the long days.

But me and "DJ" did hit Jim's Steaks on South Street to get a famous Philly cheese steak. The cheese steak was excellent, but what cracks me up is the way you have to order your sandwich at Jim's. You don't say give me a cheese steak with onions or whatever. You order by telling them, the type of cheese you want on your steak, whether or not you want onions and then any additional stuff you want. So, my order sounded like this, "Provolone, with out (onions) and peppers." And they're serious about people ordering correctly.

We also made a stop at Boyd's, which is a very famous fine clothing and jewelry store here in Philly. "DJ" and I picked up some suits and other clothes to wear to our interviews with NBA teams and for other occasions. Our girl Janet from Boyd's took solid care of us and had us looking smooth. DJ was clownin' the whole time, so I could not stop laughing.

On the weekends, I head home to the DC area to get some rest and see my mom. "DJ" comes with me; he's from Houston and that's just too far to go for a weekend trip. It's nice to get a break and some home cooking.