"You want to get some Fatburger after this?" Getty Images

By now, sports fans nationwide have seen the Shaq freestyle on Kobe from a New York club Sunday night. We were kinda hoping Shaq vs. Kobe was dead, because until Kobe locks up a ring sans The Big Aristotle, the situation kinda speaks for itself. However, because it's clearly somewhat alive - although Shaq did tell our columnist Stephen A. Smith that it's not a big deal - we thought we'd go back and recap the long and glorious history of the biggest Hollywood falling out since Brad and Jen. Or something like that.

Kobe and Shaq in much happier times.
More happy times!
This is where the final nails were placed in the coffin.
Here's perhaps the best Shaq and Kobe feud recap you'll find.
Way back in 2001, in the middle of their run of titles, Salon.Com was already analyzing the feud.
Kobe ripping Shaq in October 2003 to Jim Gray.
Shaq then saying "We need each other."
Shaq saying he's a brick wall to Kobe's Corvette before their first head-to-head meeting.
December 25, 2004: Heat 103, Lakers 102.
March 17, 2005: Heat 102, Lakers 89.
December 25, 2005: Heat 97, Lakers 92.
January 16, 2006: Lakers 100, Heat 92.
February 20, 2008: Lakers 130, Suns 124.
Interestingly, though, Shaq did endorse Kobe for MVP this season.
The Kobe/Shaq "There Can Only Be One" commercial.
Kobe has this game...
... but Shaq has this one.
Kobe opens up to Ryan Seacrast (ha!) about all this.
Good video on their feud.
Good piece from Slate on their troubles.
The New York Times on the feud right after they lost the '04 Finals to the Pistons.
Another tremendous recap of their feud.