Ah, all the stars! Oh crud, we cropped the wrong photo. Heads are gonna roll! Getty Images

All-Star Games are an interesting concept: do they mean anything? Should they mean anything? Nation's divided on the topic, for sure; meanwhile, we're gonna celebrate some All-Star classics (all sports, not just beisbol) right here.

The Top 10 Plays from the 2008 All-Star Game.
The Superman dunk from this year's All-Star Saturday Night.
A mix of the 2007 game in Vegas.
All-Access with some superstars at the 2006 game.
2005 game mix with that voiceover guy!
Destiny's Child performed at the '05 Game!
Carter had a pretty nasty dunk in that game.
2004 game mix.
The Top 10 Plays of the 2003 All-Star Game.
Remember the Jordan tribute that year with Mariah Carey?
A mix of highlights from the 2002 game and weekend.
Springsteen did the open for that game, since it was in Philly.
This is Marvin Gaye singing the National Anthem at the 1983 game. Some call it the best National Anthem version ever.
Kobe vs. Jordan in the '98 All-Star Game.
We got some clips from the 1969 All-Star Game here.
And the Top 20 Plays from 1989, which was a ridiculously stacked game.
So was 1990.
We'll end with this: the Top 10 Plays in NBA All-Star Game history.
Actually, we'll end with this: Chris Bosh wants your vote.

Possibly the best look at the history of the game, with video back to about 2001.
Another pretty detailed look.
Good list of the Top 10 moments in All-Star Game history.
Another such list.
Old school All-Star Game intro music.
The 1994 game opens with Griffey, then Bonds. Touche!
Good article on Pete Rose and Ray Fosse in the 1970 All-Star Game.
Fred Lynn hit a grand slam in '83.
Ichiro went inside-the-park last year.

Comprehensive recap of the history of the event.
2007 recap, with a bunch of video.
2008 recap, via NHL.
This could be the best All-Star Game commercial in any sport, ever.
Jagr vs. Brodeur in 1999.
Remember that whole Rory Fitzpatrick campaign? Ha.
The 1920s reporter guy gets Crosby at an All-Star press conference!
Owen Nolan called his shot! (1997)
Gordie Howe's last All-Star Game. Check out the Standing O he gets.
Mario Lemieux goes for four goals at The Igloo in 1990.

Devin Hester = fast.
Maybe the greatest Pro Bowl moment of them all: Peyton Manning calls his kicker "an idiot."
NFL kills most videos on YouTube (wouldn't you?), so here's the best source for Pro Bowl highlights and history.
Another good resource.