"Going to the chapel, and we're gonna get --- crud, how does the song end?" Getty Images

On this day in 1981, Prince Charles wed Diana Spencer, thus cementing the icon that was Diana, Princess of Wales. It was one of the grandest—and expensive—weddings in history, a concept that's not foreign to athletes. In Forbes' list of the 20 most expensive weddings ever, three involve athletes - and the list was made before Eli Manning's recent nupitals, which cost a pretty penny. Via Clip Reel, we celebrate grandoise athlete weddings. It's cool to see linemen sing "Living On a Prayer."

A look at Tiger's wedding, one of the most expensive ever.
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Tremendous posed photo.
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How much did Eli's wedding actually cost?
Ian Johnson talks about his wedding. We'd get fired for showing you the actual proposal. BCS video isn't online, generally.
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Agassi/Graf wedding interview (and about them being in love).
Parker and Longoria.
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Hamm and Garciaparra.
Are these two next?
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Lima and Jaric's wedding might be pretty sweet, eh?