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Mark Sanchez will take the helm of Pete Carroll's offense this season; his life is detailed in a new ESPN The Magazine feature. He follows a long line of tremendously successful Trojan quarterbacks, who we'll take a look at here. Most amazing thing about the clips below: USC is known as a running back school.

Rodney Peete once stood over center for them.
Side clip: remember he surprised Holly Robinson on the set of Hangin' with Mr. Cooper with a proposal?
Next was Todd Marinovich.
Dude was feisty.
Led a big comeback against Wazzu in 1989. (Video's a little grainy)
He had a couple of rough games too, like this one against Washington.
While we have your attention, this is probably the best resource on Trojan football history out there.
This is a good one too.
And this is a strong one as well.
Although he didn't really come on until later in his time there, Carson Palmer ushered in the current golden state of QBs.
Here are some clips from the 2003 Orange Bowl against Iowa.
The 2002 ND vs. USC game. Palmer went nuts.
Apparently as a result of being a Trojan, Palmer dislikes Ohio State.
OSU fans might like this clip, then: Palmer and the Trojans losing to Kansas State back in '02.
Leinart time! Here's his 2005 Heisman video campaign.
2005 ND vs. USC game; possibly the best college football game in years.
That is, if it wasn't this one (a USC loss).
Nice Leinart/Bush/company "Return of the King" video.
Remember when Leinart helped shut out Auburn as a first-year starter?
Leinart mix.
Leinart gets a national title against Oklahoma.
There are some questions about his focus at the pro level, though.
Uh, like this.
But hey, the dude was big enough at USC that he did comedy bits with Will Ferrell.
John David Booty was next! (Good mix of him here.)
He's getting tips from Peyton Manning? Wow.
He killed at the Rose Bowl last year.
Nice pass to Patrick Turner here.
He did pretty well in the 2007 Rose Bowl, too.
Here's his edition of "Trojan Talk."
Dude likes to party when he wins big games, leading the band and such.
Some more Booty highlights.
Booty to Jarrett, Rose Bowl '07.
More info on Palmer at USC.
Leinart at USC.
John David Booty.
Don't forget about this guy waiting in the wings.
Video of Mustain.
And more video.
End with this: look at a list of all the guys USC has sent onward to the NFL. Unreal.