MAG: Which stereotypes about kicking are true?
FATSIS: That kickers are different. When everyone else is running into each other, we're off talking about TV shows. In terms of hierarchy, who's tops: placekickers or punters? Depends who you ask. Placekickers think we rule, and punters think we're losers.

Are you proof that anyone can do this?
Exactly the opposite. Lots of guys can kick a ball 60 yards, but the pressure is beyond imagination. I experienced a watered-down version, and it was the most excruciating thing I've ever done.

So Scott Norwood should be forgiven?
Yes. He might have missed by a quarter-inch or rotated his hips a millisecond too late. Fans are entitled to yell, but I bet the other 52 guys have forgiven him.

What's the best insult you heard?
"Which Gramatica is this?"

In your last book, Word Freak, you became an expert-level Scrabble player. Was this experience at all similar?
Whether you're a brilliant Scrabble player or an NFL quarterback, you 're an obsessive perfectionist who's willing to spend an unusual amount of time developing a very limited skill. The difference is, in professional football, you can make a lot of money.