Get down with yo' bad self. Whatever happened to Alfonso Riberio, by the way? Getty Images

American Bandstand debuted 51 years ago today (it existed in 1952 in other forms). Best description of the show's concept we've ever read, via Wikipedia: "... the show featured teenagers dancing to Top 40 music." Simple, yet elegant. As a result, we're going to celebrate the athlete as dancer. We're completely qualified to do it. We hosted Jason Taylor's Dancing with the Stars blog!

This Shaq, LeBron, Dwight Howard All-Star Game dance-off from two years back is one of the most popular YouTube clips out there.
Chad doing the Riverdance (to mock Urlacher?)
Chad teaching people how to do the SpongeBob dance.
Chad doing the Chicken Dance at Cincinnati's OctoberFest. And he says he doesn't like the place!
This guy might have been the best football dancer of all-time, though.
Here's a good article about why, including references to other NFL "dancers."
Here's The Funky Chicken, albeit not in a sports context.
Remember when T.O. mocked Ray Lewis' dance? Is that a good idea?
Brian Dawkins gets involved in the dance-off craze.
Here's T.O. getting down to Soulja Boy.
Here's his boss, Jerry Jones, cutting a rug.
Crank that Romo?
And Romo's girlfriend dancing for him.
Sports classic: "The Ickey Shuffle."
Sports classic: "The Dirty Bird" (as done by a white guy at a bowling alley).
NFL locker room dancing.
Recent classic: Joakim Noah busting a move to the CBS college basketball theme.
Recent classic: Shaq trying to break dance.
All-timer: Byron Evans. Check out Parcells' reaction.
ESPN apparently once held a contest about this. Cool.
Dr. Pepper's Lineman-Scores-TD commercial.
We love this for some reason: Crank that Crabtree.
We love this maybe even more: Bo Ryan doing the original.
And Jerry Rice getting in on the action.
Jason Taylor on DWTS.
Helio on there.
Floyd Mayweather on it.
Apolo on the show.
Jerry Rice!
Emmitt Smith!
Laila Ali!
For no reason: Mascot Dance Party.
For even less reason: Rockafire Explosion.
No idea if this is real, but apparently Barkley and Jordan cutting a rug together in Vegas to Jay Z's tunes.
This is real, and funny: Barkley and Cuban.
Dwight Howard at the Adidas Basketball Camp doing his thing.
This is laugh out loud funny: Oakland A's mascot Stomper getting jiggy.