Dance to dry the tears, kind sir. Getty Images

Fourteen years ago today, Major League Baseball's eighth work stoppage began; it would last for 232 days and see the first cancellation of a World Series since 1904. Saddest thing about the '94 season: when the strike arrived, the Montreal Expos were 74-40 and poised to make a run for all the marbles. It was arguably their best chance and since the Nats don't seem to be climbing the NL East power chart anytime soon, we're going to honor the anniversary of a dark day with a positive spin: the glory of the Expos.

A tribute to the team.
Their first game ever.
Spaceman on the end of the Expos.
Report on Gerry Snyder, the godfather of Montreal baseball.
This is the video tribute that played after the Expos' last game in Montreal.
This is the 7th inning stretch from that same game.
Good slideshow, inexplicably set to Green Day.
Close to 10 minute video on the Expos' glorious history.
The Expos organist!
A brief history of Youppi.
Global TV piece on the history of the Expos and their importance to Montreal.
The final out of the Montreal Expos.
1994 feature on Cliff Floyd.
A deeper statistical look at the '94 team.
Should be noted that the only Expos playoff team was '81, though.
A detailed look at the Expos entire history.
And the 1994 season in particular.
Larry Walker was a key for that team.
As was perpetually underrated Marquis Grissom.
Often forgotten: the ace of that '94 staff was really Ken Hill.
Of course, they did have a young gun named Pedro too.
Seriously, look at this all-time Expos roster. Impressive.
Buy an Expos hat.
On CNNSI, it appears possible to still sign up for Expos alerts.
Interesting piece about the top ten myths surrounding the Expos.
Hey, remember Dennis Martinez? He was awesome.
Blog post where a guy lists reasons why he misses the Expos.
What was the worst (and best) trade in Expos history?
Good question: could baseball ever return to Montreal?
Fitting way to end: Youppi dancing with virtually no one behind him. Sad.