This happens a lot in the ACC. Getty Images

As detailed in our ACC Conference page (as part of our preview issue), the Atlantic Coast Conference is not a place you should be going to find explosive offense. Rather, it's the league of stalled drives (or, as we coined in the preview issue, "Coastal Erosion" Heh.) Here now, in the most (purposely!) boring Clip Reel we've ever assembled, we look at the lack of offensive firepower in the ACC.

Really no idea what this is, but it's funny. So we'll start with it.
Georgia Tech swarms Clemson. Lost yardage.
Cullen Harper gets sacked.
Trev Alberts breaking down last year's ACC.
An article on why ACC football "just plain sucks."
Duke has Cutcliffe now, but their uniforms are still pretty ugly. Like their offense.
We will say this: part of the reason the offenses aren't good is because the defenses are.
Like this guy (Macho Harris).
And this guy (Alphonso Smith).
Wake Forest's D overall is pretty good.
VT's defense is fairly amazing too.
Check out this 9 minute clip from Clemson vs. FSU last year. Brutal.
Here's a generic clip of Clemson playing defense well. If you look closely, you'll notice a lot of poor play by other ACC offenses in the process!
Has ACC football fallen off the map?
This was an issue even when previewing the conference last year.
Georgia Tech might blow up their offense this season and try something new.
Duke football. EGAD.
It's just depressing.
Maryland returns most starters on offense, and might still have trouble scoring.
Has the ACC fallen into damage control mode?
While we're on this overall topic, what is Tommy Bowden's issue with delivering the ACC title?
Tommy in his own words.
Is Randy Shannon going to put Miami back on the map here?
Here's ESPN.Com's ACC Conference page, as a resource.
Heather Dinich's ACC blog.
Eh, this seems like a good place to end.