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FOX News stalwart Bill O'Reilly turns 59 today (to read a good take on O'Reilly from one of his colleagues, go here) and we couldn't resist a chance to liken him to various athletes. Click on through.

Bill O'Reilly's MLB Equivalent: Curt Schilling

In 2003 on NPR, O'Reilly said: "To this day I'm an independent thinker, an independent voter; I'm a registered independent." It's likely true, although he certainly has a conservative ("traditionalist?") bent to his style. Schilling is conserative as well: he famously stumped with McCain for close to an hour last winter. Obviously, they both shoot from the hip. Bonus: 38Pitches.Com might be the sports blogsphere's equivalent of O'Reilly's show in terms of drawing viewers.

Bill O'Reilly's NBA Equivalent: Spencer Hawes

Random pick? Naw. Hawes is fairly conserative himself: apparently, he has a "God Bless George W. Bush" bumper sticker and is a large critic of Al Gore's musings on the environment. We're not sure O'Reilly has a car—he rolls limo-style, we'd imagine—but if he did, it might have a bumper sticker of a similar nature (perhaps Jim Bunning?)

Bill O'Reilly's NFL Equivalent: Terrell Owens

Two parts of logic here: (a) they're both outspoken and (b) earlier in his career, O'Reilly hosted the entertainment show Inside Edition and now hosts a well-viewed, often thought-provoking (guilty!) political talk show. Earlier in his career, T.O. seemed to be all about entertainment and spectacle. Now he legitimately seems focused on winning a Super Bowl. Not that FOX News is the Super Bowl, but ya know.

Bill O'Reilly's College Football Equivalent: Jim Tressel

They're both big-time authors. Tressel runs one of the most conserative offenses in the country. Real question here: how would big Bill look in a sweater vest?

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