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Today is Jason Alexander's 49th birthday. To celebrate, we thought it'd be appropriate to link up some of the classic sports-related moments from Seinfeld. Think the faux-JFK episode with Keith Hernandez gets in here? You're right.

Before we begin, here's a good list of the best sports moments from the show.

A Top 10 list of such moments, with a few embedded videos.

Boulder Daily Camera—Ed Werder used to work there!—has its own Top 10 list.

Hey, Dan Shanoff has an opinion too!

Remember when Kramer hit the hole-in-one into the whale's blowhole?

Another Kramer golf clip, from "The Big Salad" episode.

George teaches Jeter and Bernie how to hit.

George pledges to do the opposite of all his instincts, and gets a job with the Yankees.

The real George Steinbrenner in a deleted clip from the show.

And now a clip of Larry David as Steinbrenner.

The root of Kramer's hatred for Keith Hernandez.

On a side note, check out this intro of Keith Hernandez at Shea recently. Seinfeld is referenced.

This clip, in addition to being absolutely amazing, has some of the best sports quotes from the show on it.

Bette Midler in the hospital because George went all Pete Rose on her.

Puddy the NJ Devils face painter.

A longer version, including the epic line, "I'll come back, we'll make out."

The marathon runner.

Seems legitimate to link up that whole "Green Bay TV station won't air the show because it makes Eli Manning happy" story here too.

The script for the Paul O'Neill "Whadda mean 2 HR?" episode. You can get video of the clip here.

The strength shoe, featuring a Hank Azaria cameo.