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We could spend all day talking about USC going down to Oregon State last night. Fact of the matter is, though: everyone knew it was coming. USC always loses a Pac-10 game! Here's the depressing thing about it: the greatest hangover cure of 'em all, The Rose Bowl, is now going to be awful (there's a good chance the game is USC vs. Ohio State, and we all know how that turned out a few weeks ago.) Sure, Wisconsin could beat OSU next Saturday and lay claim to the Big 10 title, but someone could trip 'em up too. One of our friends calls the Badgers 'always the bridesmaid, never the bride' in college sports. Ugh to the whole thing. January 1st: once full of hope, now a wasteland. Ech, there's always the Capital One Bowl. We decided to fondly recollect some strong Rose Bowl moments to make ourselves feel better.

Fairly detailed history here.
Official stadium site.
Official Tournament of Roses site also has some videos on it.
Rose Bowl History page.
You'll probably never see a Rose Bowl better than the '06 version.
Although honestly, the 1997 Rose Bowl was fairly underrated.
The Texas vs. Michigan game in January 2005 was an offensive explosion. It also started 'The Year of VY and Pasadena.'
Some clips from the '75 game.
Anthony Carter at the '81 Rose Bowl: sweet.
Pete Carroll's first Rose Bowl: he was an assistant at USC for the 1980 game.
OSU vs. ASU recalled.
Michigan vs. Washington State in '98. Sorry Sprow.
'86: Iowa vs. USC.
'69: OSU vs. USC.
2004 Rose Bowl: the largest American flag ever.
Rose Bowl memories post on Scout.Com.
The 1966 Rose Bowl: UCLA vs. Michigan State.
'94: Wisconsin 21, UCLA 16.
1958: OSU, Oregon 7.
Here's a good Rose Bowl history site with some video links off it.