The Washington Wizards: fun and factual. Getty Images

The NBA season returns on October 28. To celebrate, we're rolling out a 'Fun Facts' on every single team in the league. (No idea what a 'Fun Fact' is? Here's an example) To start, our fall intern Ishita jumped on board with her favorite team, the Washington Wizards. Fun! And factual! We'll be back with the Memphis Grizzlies tomorrow.

1. Gilbert Arenas explains why he will never officially change his name to Agent Zero.

2. DeShawn Stevenson clearly had a lot of time on his hands during the offseason…

3. Eddie Jordan is the longest tenured coach in the Eastern Conference. He's been there all of five seasons.

4. Former Terrapin Juan Dixon returns to the Wizards this season after stints in Portland, Toronto, and Detroit. Dixon led the University of Maryland to an NCAA championship in 2002, and therefore, he will never have to buy himself a drink in a DC bar ever again.

5. Former Wizards' center Gheorghe Muresan is promoting his new book, The Boy's Fitness Guide: Expert Coaching For the Young Man Who Wants to Look and Feel His Best. Worth buying solely for the cover, which says that the book is "endorsed by NBA star Gheorghe Muresan." Clearly they use the term "star" loosely.

6. Following in a long line of basketball shout-outs in rap songs, Caron Butler gets props from Lil Romeo in "U Can't Shine Like Me." Now, is Romeo a step up or a step down from Soulja Boy?

7. And in case you missed it before, here's a link to "Blow the Whistle," Jay-Z's diss song for Stevenson.

8. Stevenson and Rays pitcher Matt Garza both went to Washington Union High School in Fresno, CA.

9. Chris Rock filmed a scene from his 2003 movie Head of State at the Verizon Center, the Wizards' home arena.

10. There was a bit of a scandal involved with Arenas last year when fans found out he was cheating…at Halo .