Think a Georgetown vs. Yale tailgate isn't at the level of a SEC clash? Well, you're right. But, Lots C and D at the venerable Yale Bowl are underrated spots to spend a New England fall Saturday. We checked out the game for In Your Grill. (Don't know what 'In Your Grill' is? Here's another example.) You can see the results for yourself right here, but a quick summary of what we learned: (1) one Yalie (you'll meet her) grew up in SEC country and has brought that approach to the Ivies; (2) the track team likes to burn fake money; (3) the parents tailgate too (and how!); (4) there's a large Newfoundland dog named 'Mr. Alex' who will make an appearance. Seriously, what are you waiting for? By the way, Yale vs. Princeton is in New Haven this year (November 15). If you're around, we suggest going. We can even get ya Mr. Alex's contact info. He's a complete chick magnet.