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I'm gonna catch the Tampa game tonight—in person. I couldn't make it last week, so I'm going to my first major league game tonight. Can you believe it? My first baseball game, and it's the Rays in the playoffs. It's gonna be amazing. I plan to be blown away.

For those of you who are asking, I do read the comments on this blog, and I'd like to give a shout out to nikeman1313 and doublej488 for the support and the respect and for being interested in what I have to say. I just have one request:

Call me the Zen Master from now on.

Let's start with the Dodgers. Man-Ram. He is just, come on. I mean, come on. I love the Dodgers. I was surprised that they swept the Cubs, but I wasn't surprised that they won. Even though they lost yesterday, I'm still going with the Dodgers to beat the Phillies. I don't think Philly is a better team than the Dodgers, and you just can't ignore the fact that the Dodgers have the best player in the league right now, who probably ends up being post-season MVP. You just cannot stop Man-Ram.

I also like Russell Martin. I'm a fan of his 'cause he's an aggressive dude, and a great player. He plays his part, he doesn't try to step outta his role and try to be anything else. That's all you can ask for in a guy, especially a catcher.

A lot of people wanted to know what I would think about the Rays playing the Red Sox, 'cause the Sox are my team, but I said the Rays will win it all. Well here's what I think.

I still love the Red Sox, but I think the Rays are gonna ride it all the way. After the Rays win, it gets real interesting. My heart, the fan in me, goes with the Dodgers, 'cause of Man-Ram, 'cause I love that dude so much. That's just my opinion as a fan.

Like I said in the last blog, I'm a big emotion guy. I think that team is riding on a streak of hope, and that's something that you can't practice. You can't teach that. When you're riding on emotion like that, even when you lose a game, that motivation that you're riding on fuels the fire. So you're coming into that next game like we cannot lose again, ever. I've been in situations like that in things other than sports, so I know that when you're riding on emotion like that, the only thing that can take you down is if you all of a sudden become unemotional. I don't see any of those guys on that team doing that.

But if it does end up being the Red Sox against Manny, I think the Sox would win that one. As much as I love the Dodgers, there's only a few things that hold that team together and make it a great team, but the Red Sox are an all-around great team. They are the champions.

People are like, how can you root for Manny when he left your team? Well, as a Red Sox fan, it is weird seeing Manny on the Dodgers, but when you love Manny like I do, of course you root for him. I would imagine if you put him on any good team, he would make that team great, and that's just another thing to love about him. But the thing that makes it really weird is that the Red Sox and the Dodgers are two of the four teams left. If it was just the Dodgers, I probably wouldn't feel that way.

Manny did some things that I wouldn't do. The way he left Boston wasn't too cool. No, it wasn't at all. And to do it right before the stretch? Come on. Those things right there are some of the reasons why I don't believe the Dodgers will win the World Series. Manny is Manny. He didn't do those things three years ago—he did them a couple months ago. That's the same guy. So whatever it is that triggered him to do that then, you don't know if it could pop up now or any time soon.

If I was on the Dodgers, it would be easy for me to understand that this guy wants to win, but it would be difficult for me to stand there and believe that this guy is dedicated to the team. I believe he's dedicated to winning, and that's a good and a bad thing.

We've already established that people are comfortable with the idea of "Manny being Manny." So if I'm him, and I know that the world already understands me for doing whatever I want to do, then I'm going to do whatever I want to do. If I go out and pull something ridiculous, all you're going to say at the end of the day is Manny is being Manny. Once you put that against Tampa Bay's emotion and drive, I would pick them over the Dodgers.

Lil Wayne on the NFL

People were asking who in the NFL I talk to. Ocho Cinco calls like every other day, not even about sports. He's just crazy. I talk to Dwayne Bowe. That's my man right there. He actually texts me his stats after every game 'cause he knows I care. That's my dude. He's younger than me, so he's like my little bro. He'll text me like, "Yo, I caught five catches for 80. I tried my best." And I always send a text back to him encouraging him like, "You've got a good will, a good spirit and you're doing everything right," things like that. That's my homie. He's real cool.

I've been a fan of the NFL since my eyes opened, and it has never been better—even with all the other things that we never had to worry about back in the day. Football never used to get this personal, and it takes away from the game.

When the game starts you're not just watching football no more, you're watching the guy and his girlfriend in the stands, this guy who lost a friend, and you're watching this guy who just went to jail. We didn't have to hear about those things back in the day. And what they're doing is they're blaming the players for it. But people have been doing average things their whole lives. Getting in trouble and making mistakes is average. Everybody does that, and that's why we have systems to correct it. The thing is, we never focused on it back then, but now we're all over it. That's all you hear about. People want to ask the athletes other questions other than how did you feel before this game? Or how did you manage to get that shot off? Now, after we ask that question, we want to know what they did after the game, and that's really none of our business. So, I think this whole thing is our fault. It's us and not them.

But like I said, I think the game has never been better. Let's talk about the 2-3 teams. I know the Chargers are 2-3, but I think the Packers are the best 2-3 team, with or without Aaron Rodgers. That team had Brett Favre for years, and he's one of the best—if not the best—quarterbacks ever, so we know that system is straight. It isn't even about the quarterback: it's about the team. If you're in that system, and you've been around Brett Favre and you know greatness, you just aren't gonna settle for being a losing team. I think the Packers are gonna be alright.

But what about the Titans? Oh my God, they're playing so well. And they're doing it without VY, which is a hurtful thing for me because I'm a really big fan of his. He's a really positive guy. I know him real well, and I help him out with his charity every year. And when I tell you he's a positive person, I don't mean just like when he feels like it, or when the cameras are rolling.

One time we were in the club and it was packed and people were getting crazy and Vince gets on the mic, cuts the music for a few minutes, and literally starts telling people about teaching kids how to read. I was sitting there thinking, hmm, let's just go back to the VIP room for a minute, but he couldn't be stopped. And he wasn't drunk. It was from his heart. He came back up to the room and he was still talking about it.

I know people see him as having troubles right now, but he's a passionate guy. Most people right now are facing some hurdles in their lives, and it's the same with VY. Passionate guys like Vince jump over them like everyone else, but they just do it differently. I don't know if he's gonna come back this year. I don't think he's gonna come back, but I also don't think he isn't, either. I know that's not a good way to answer that question, but it's hard to say.

People have been asking about the Bills in the comments. I like Marshawn Lynch a lot 'cause he's so strong. I think they could do something this year, but you know the Bills. I haven't had confidence in the Bills since Thurmon Thomas.

Lil Wayne's Fantasy Football Update

I've got some bad news. I lost my fantasy football game this week, to a team that was 0-2-2. He had Fred Taylor from Jacksonville in that final night game. He was already up twenty points, and I didn't have any more players going Sunday, but I had Adrian Peterson for the Monday game. So I'm dreading this Jacksonville game, and then it comes on and Fred Taylor does nothing, and I'm grateful 'cause he ended up just getting one point. So now I'm down 21 but Monday night rolls around and I'm like, Adrian Peterson is gonna smash that and I'm going to win. Adrian Peterson rushed like 12 times for 32 yards or something. Did nothing. I'm looking for his number right now to call him and tell him I didn't appreciate it.

Lil Wayne on the NBA

The NBA season is just around the corner, and I just want to put a message out there to all the players in the league: You are amazing. Those players are so sharp. To watch these pre-season games and see Chris Paul go for 17 points and 5 assists, and to see Kobe go crazy, I mean, you ain't gonna even see any stars if you go to a pre-season NFL game. They're going to be over there on the end of the bench so they don't get hurt. Fans get the chance to see highlights and to go crazy over a dunk—things like that. It just seems like these guys love what they're doing, so shout out to the NBA players for that.

Shout out to the Oklahoma City Thunder, too. I think they'll be the third NBA franchise that will actually have a winning team in their first season. They've got a lot of young guys who are ready, so watch out.

And shout out to Chris Paul again for going so hard in pre-season games. He has that wonderful killer instinct to get the ball in the basket, and 90% of the time that doesn't mean keep the ball to the basket but get the ball to someone who is in the proper position in the proper situation to put the ball in the basket. And if that doesn't work, then he can always give you his show. He can dunk it on you, or he can pull back and hit the jumper.

When you look at Chris off the court, he has this wonderful 15-year-old smile. But when he's on that court, this little dimple forms right above his eyes in the middle of his forehead and it never leaves. From the beginning of the game to the end of the game, it's like this little devilish grin right between his eyes. That's that killer instinct, and that lets you know that that kid is focused. He doesn't care who's in front of him, 'cause he will win. He will prevail.

I met Chris when he was in his last year at Wake Forrest. I was on tour, and we did a show in Carolina. He came to the show and afterward he came out to the bus. After that, we became like brothers. I live at his place when I go to New Orleans. A lot of guys in the NBA do that 'cause he's one of those guys who opens his doors to everybody. I kinda knew it was gonna be like that. I was drawn to him after I heard that story about his grandfather and the 61 points. His grandfather was like, everything to him. He still talks about him a lot just in conversations with no microphone or press around. That's just the kind of dude he is.

Once me and Chris had a free throw competition, best out of ten. I went first, and I hit my first six shots. He was like, hold up, man. This is a joke, right? Unfortunately, I ended up going seven for ten, and he went eight for ten. We did this on Chris Brown's basketball goal, 'cause I was on tour with him at that point. Chris Brown loves basketball. I mean, he travels with a basketball goal is how much he loves it. Every day when he pulls up to the venue like six hours before they go on, they unload the goal and his whole entourage—all his dancers and everything—are out there playing. So when Chris Paul came to one of our shows, we had to go over and ask Chris if we could borrow his ball and use his goal. I got beat, but I'm looking for a re-match.

Lil Wayne on the NHL

The NHL season is starting, too, and I want to say something about Sid Crosby. I just want to say how much I admire his game, and I think he's amazing. This year I just wanna see him keep doin' what he do. First of all, I like that he's young and dominant. But just as important as that, he don't back down from anything. Because he's so good, of course they take so many shots at him. He usually takes the hit, but then he gives it right back just as good and I like that.

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