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Ralph Lauren turns 69 today. We decided to turn 'The Sporting Equivalency' to him, mostly because we feel like hyperlinking a bunch of well-dressed athletes on a Tuesday morning. It'll be fun, we promise. Side note No. 1: did you know Lauren's nephew Greg is married to Elizabeth Berkley (aka Jessie Spano)? We had no idea. Side note No. 2: it's also Harry Anderson's birthday. Is it us, or did Night Court completely disappear from syndication in the last few years? Sad.

Ralph Lauren's MLB Equivalent: Alex Rodriguez

We're not making any claims on dominance here. Both men essentially own their field, but if fashion were sports, Lauren would probably have a few rings. (ZING!) Examples of A-Rod dressing sharp: here , here, here and here.

Ralph Lauren's NBA Equivalent: LeBron

Again, both pretty much on top of their field. Want some examples of Bron Bron rocking the vines? Example one, example two (with Eva Mendes!), example three (that's the ESPYs!) and example four. We do need to give a quick shout-out to the suit that Gilbert Arenas wore to his birthday party last year.

Ralph Lauren's NFL Equivalent: Tom Brady

A lot of NFL dudes dress pretty snappy, but not all are the Stetson man. Some examples of Brady at this thready best: posing awkwardly in front of a staircase; leaving a hotel; with his old girlfriend; and with his current one on a red carpet.

Ralph Lauren's College Football Equivalent: The Michigan Wolverines

Had to go with a team here and it sure as heck wasn't gonna be the Oregon Ducks. The maize and blue is the classiest fashion statement in college football: simple, elegant and it'll be around forever. Like Polo. Or not.

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