"Do you like gladiator movies, Billy?" Getty Images

[Ed's note: We're rolling out a 'Fun Facts' on every team in the NBA before the season starts. For more information and to see the other teams profiled, please go here.]

First, LeBron James publicly confirmed his allegiances to the Bronx Bombers at Jacobs Field. Then, Moondog goes off and pulls this stunt. Tortured Cavs fans seeking solace will have to look beyond the career ending injury of their captain-turned NBA TV analyst—at least Mrs. Snow is now a Real Housewife of Atlanta. Does a Snow-less Cleveland (imagine?) have what it takes to surmount the Big Three in Boston? Skip the debate; let's have some fun.

1. The NBA Live 08 "Play of the Year" goes to Zydrunas Ilgauskas.

2) King James was a workhorse in Beijing this summer, but proves only to be a h-o-r-s-e in Venice Beach. Where's Z when you need him?

3) BabyNateFresh endorses Tarence Kinsey and so should you!

4) Wally Szczerbiak was born in Madrid, Spain, where his father Walter won 3 Euroleague Championships for Real Madrid.

5) Sideshow Bob still has nothing on Anderson Varejao.

6) Sharing more than an imposing physique, Ben Wallace and former New York Knick Charles Oakley both starred at Division II HBCU, Virginia Union.

7) Daniel Gibson owns the NBA Rookie Challenge record for most threes in a game, with 11.

8) Mo Williams not only waxes opposing defenses, he also likes to peel off shoulder hair.

9) Lorenzen Wright played high school, college, and professional ball in Memphis before coming to Cleveland.

10) Meanwhile, Moondog has been everywhere.