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[Ed's note: Lil Wayne's son is about to be born. We do want to thank him for filing this blog with so much currently going on in his life. Want more Lil Wayne? Check out his archive.]

UPDATE: Lil Wayne's son has been born.

Shout out to my man Chris Paul. He called me up on Monday to check on me and congratulate me. It's been a big week—the biggest. I'm about to have a son any minute now. I'm a junior, so he's gonna be the Carter III: Dwayne Michael Carter the third. It's a big moment for me.

Shout out also to Dwayne Bowe again. He still texts me his stats after every game and he got 90 yards over the weekend, so keep doing what you do D-Bowe.

Also, to the Rays: thank you again for showing me so much love. Too much love. You gave me everything I could have possibly wanted in nine innings. I hope to catch one of these World Series games.


OK, first off, damn. The Rays came through against my team. I knew we weren't used to David Price. He was the secret weapon, man, and I knew that was gonna happen. He came in throwing 95 miles an hour, and even though we can adjust quickly, he was really a secret weapon. I think he's gonna end up being the World Series MVP with the way he shuts people down. When he came to the mound, we were just like "What is this?" It was over.

After Game 6, I was one of the guys being like "OK, Boston is about to win it all again." There goes the drive, there goes the champion. Then it got back real. I love momentum. I always talk about momentum and emotion, and the Rays somehow got it back.

I know the Rays got the Backstreet Boys to sing the national anthem before Game 1, and that's gonna be something. I thought Backstreet Road was closed for construction, but I guess not. Since I went to a postseason game in Tampa, I think they're gonna boo 'em. I really do. Those fans are wild. They were hardcore, trust me. More cowbell was serious and everybody has mohawks. I don't know how well the Backstreet Boys are going to do with the mohawk crew. It could get ugly.

I still like the Rays to win the World Series. The Phillies' hitters are tough. They can shut your starting pitchers down fast and as for pitching, they've got Brad Lidge, and Cole Hamels is nice, but wow. I did not expect them to make the World Series. A lot of people are talking about Lidge and how he blew the save in the NLCS a few years ago but I guarantee he's not thinking about Albert Pujols right now. He's thinking about 46 saves in 46 tries. The number right there is scary. He's riding that wave. With that fact alone this should be a great World Series, but I still think the Rays are gonna come out on top. I'm basing that on the home field advantage.

This is one thing major league baseball has up on every other sport. Because the American League won the All-Star Game, Tampa Bay gets home field advantage, and that is amazing for them. They've been one of the best home teams ever. And what's crazy is that JD Drew, a dude on the Red Sox, hit the 2-run homer to win that game and give the Rays home field. Are you serious? That's wild when you think about how the Rays benefit from a dude who probably hates them right now.

I was thinking about some scenarios. What if you got a player in the All-Star Game who is up to bat last and the score is tied and it's just one of those moments and he has to do something good to win it. But what if his team like, sucks—they're not making it to the post-season. So I was wondering like, what is he thinking up there at the plate? Win this for another team? Or in the case of JD Drew knowing the Red Sox are going to end up in the playoffs, he hit that home run but it ultimately ends up helping the team that just broke his heart. That's a pretty crazy scenario. On the upside of it, if that player is by any chance sane he would just be a true player and do what's right and that will show fans the dedication of an athlete just playing for his pride.


Honestly, I do not watch the Pro Bowl. I don't even watch the NBA All-Star Game even though I'm always involved in the NBA's All-Star weekend. I'm down there and I never watch the game 'cause it don't mean anything. In the Pro Bowl they wait till the fourth quarter to get serious, but in the NBA All-Star Game they never get serious, they just try to throw the ball off the backboard for 48 minutes. I don't want to sound like an old guy, but I remember NBA All-Star Games games with Jordan, Olajuwon, Ewing that were real games. They're out there f—ing with teammates, you hear about locker room fights, and this is the All-Star Game. That's what I love, but those years are long gone.

My man Chris Paul is the nicest guy in the league. When guys come to New Orleans, they go straight over to his house to eat, and some even stay over. A lot of dudes have guys from the opposing team over to their mom's house for a big dinner. That's great, but back in the day that was unheard of. If your mom was gonna cook for another team's player, she's gonna be in that kitchen poisoning the food. These days we don't know how to handle rivals as well. If I were a player right now and I was on a good team and we were playoff contenders visiting New Orleans, I would tell my boy Chris that I am not having dinner with him. I would see him on the court, and he'd be my dinner.

The NBA is nowhere near as competitive as it used to be. It was just a different thing back then. Those guys didn't make the kind of money that these kids are making now, and they didn't have all these things off the court to worry about. We didn't care about their personal lives—it was just a different thing. But the way I view it is it's a different kind of competition. They're nothing like the old guys, but they're doing things the old guys couldn't do, so I love this, too. You never saw no 19-year-old jumping to where his arm actually extends all the way to the top of the backboard before he dunks like you do now.


You know what I want to talk about? Why is everyone in the NFL getting injured this year? Seriously injured. You got Rodney Harrison gone. You got Tom Brady done. How does that happen on the same team? That's just devastating. And now Tony Romo's out? Come on. What is going on?

Poor Dallas. And poor T.O. He's gonna quit. He takes a loss differently than anyone on that team. I think he has nightmares about losing or something, because he looks like he's about to cry after every game they lose. You see him over there on the sidelines sitting by himself just pouting like a little kid. Remember last year? "That's my quarterback, man." I love when any sports channel just brings that clip back for no reason. They always bring it back for nothing, just out of the blue "That's my quarterback, man." T.O. is an amazing talent but he's definitely a situation. But that's another difference between the old days and now. Back then there's no way you play football and then go cry on TV.

It ain't Brad Johnson's fault. Everything is falling apart. I think Brad came into a bad situation. To tell you the truth I think the team sucks. I think everybody is playing terribly right now in Dallas. Or at least they're not playing to the potential that we know they can play to. I don't think it's all on Brad Johnson even though he was terrible too.

But not everybody is underachieving. People better start watching out for the Packers. Aaron Rodgers is going to the Pro Bowl this season. Mark my words.

This has just been a crazy year, though. I mean, you got New England, Dallas and San Diego having bad seasons and what is happening to Peyton Manning? I hope he's not getting old. I mean I hope he's not physically going down hill because Peyton is the best at his position, and he's out there throwing interceptions at the goal line? Come on. I'm hoping that's just some rare thing and he's not falling off.

The Super Bowl is going to be verrry interesting. It's gonna be two teams that we do not expect to be in there. It's gonna be like how it is in baseball this year with the Phillies and the Rays. You got all these shocking things happening to teams that were supposed to be good, and then you got Tennessee undefeated, even without Vince Young. Chris Johnson, are you serious? They've got that two running back thing going on, and I'm a big on the ground guy. I don't like teams that pass too much because I think a pass is always a chance. I like to be sure, and I think a running offense is more sure of what they're going to do. When you've got that two-headed snake like the Titans do with Chris and LenDale White it's difficult to stop. Did you see LenDale's touchdown this weekend? His little fat self ran 80 yards. They put the timer on SportsCenter and it took him like six seconds, but he made it and that's what matters. That guy is funny.

He was the guy who didn't make it on 4th and short versus Texas in the national championship in 2006. That still hurts, man. I had money on USC in that game and I dread talking about it. That really was painful.


I can't believe Jose Canseco. When he submitted that testimony and you heard him talk it was like, come on, this is not the most intelligent guy in the world. He's sitting there saying the more I look back on the situation, the worse I feel. Come on, man. And now he's saying that if he ever sees those guys he'd definitely apologize to them? That's not enough. He ruined lives and careers and histories and now it's like he wants people to feel sorry for him. I do not have room in my heart for that dude. I am not with the Jose Canseco sympathy movement. I just like to replay the baseball bouncing off his head. That's pretty much what he's good for right now.

I've been pretty busy running all over the place. I don't worry about sleeping normal hours other people do, I just try to get the typical six wherever I can and keep moving. I'm going to New Orleans this weekend for the Voodoo Fest. Looking forward to that. Shout out to my man Kevin Rudolf. That song is big, man, so congratulations. He's an artist on my label, and he's a very talented guy who writes all his own music. He's coming out with a record soon and he's gonna do great.

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