Pop quiz, hot shot: what's the best area in the country for producing hoops talent? Some nominees: Seattle (Brandon Roy, Nate Robinson, Jamal Crawford, Marvin Williams, among others); New York (a slew of talented point guards including Mark Jackson, Bob Cousy and Pearl Washington); and Chicago (recently Derrick Rose but D-Wade, Kevin Garnett and Antoine Walker, among others, are from there). Here's a sleeper pick: Prince George's County, Maryland. Don't believe us? Consider this: the two guys that absolutely shredded college basketball the past two seasons, Kevin Durant and Michael Beasley, are both from there. (Others include Delonte West, Jeff Green and Roy Hibbert.) In this video, you get to see the unique friendship between Durant and Beasley—less than a minute in, you'll see them crack up laughing and start hugging each other. Things will be different twice this season when the Thunder (Beasley calls them "The Thunder Dogs") play the Heat. As Durant says, "You better be first row." Truth. For now, though, you better watch this video.