He needs to tell the story behind the tats. Getty Images

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LeBron James: Q and A

LeBron talks about his game-day headband, and what comes out is a little surprising:

A fan writes:

What's the inspiration behind the headband? - Marcy, Silver Creek, Colorado

"You know, it's just something I do," he writes. "Maybe that's my superstition. Every time I go on a basketball court — it's like my cape. You know Batman throws his cape on and has superpowers. Right now as I write this, you all got the Bruce Wayne side."

LeBron, we can respect your perspective on your transformation, but we have to call you on a technicality: Batman never has superpowers, no matter what cape or accessory he throws on. Batman's 'superpowers' lie in his utility belt, and his ninja craftiness. He's all method, baby. Both of you do dismantle the opposition in similar fashion, though, we'll give you that.

Carlos Pena: Confidence is Key

Tampa Bay Rays First bagger Carlos Pena talks the two C's—confidence and calm:

"We were very confident that we were going to come up with a win tonight," he writes. "We have a lot of confidence, and the good thing about it is we don't try to force things. It's not easy to do, because we are in the World Series and there's all this stuff going on around us, and sometimes it's like 'Ah,' and the first human reaction is to do that. But I'm very glad for us as a team to stay calm."

Chad Durbin: Waiting to Exhale

Philly pitcher Chad Durbin is anxious for some game action:

"On a personal note, I can't wait to get into a game," he writes. "I realize I can't control that variable, but what an honor to run out on that field and pitch in a World Series. I warmed up in the 7th inning last night and other than my legs being numb, being close to vomiting, and loving every second of it (somehow) … everything was normal!

"The nerves, though, are more from anticipation than actually being in action. Once I was up and throwing in the bullpen, my nerves settled to a manageable level. I also think it's good to embrace and recognize that you ARE nervous.

"The only times I can remember being that nervous were at the birth of my child, my marriage and my Major League debut. In all cases, once the action started, I was more comfortable once we got going."

Cletis Gordon: Adjusting to London Time

"My first time out of the country and I'm having trouble with this time change," he writes. "First night I got about 4 hours and tonight it was 5. I went to bed at 12 and woke at 5. I'm making up for it with little naps, like when we ride to the city it's about 45 minutes to an hour and I'll sleep on the ride there and back, but I need to get back normal fast. We start practice today. Our first meeting is at 8 and then we're on the field at 1:15. I'm hoping we're all up and ready to go when we hit the field. Don't want to be sluggish in practice. We need a good week. Like Coach said earlier to us, this is a business trip. We'll enjoy the sights and everything, but the sole focus is winning."

Vernon Davis: Singletary Takes Over

"Coach Singletary brings a lot of energy," he writes. "His speeches, they really seem to touch the team. If you look at some of the guys faces they really are tuned in to what he's saying. They might be like a couple of feet away from him but it seems like he's right up in their face by the looks of their expressions that you see on their faces."

It's the eyes. The Chicago Bear great's eyes will getcha.

Curt Schilling: iPhone Tips

Most professional athletes cross over into bar or restaurant ownership after their playing days, but Curt—he started a videogame company. He doesn't wanna grow up, he's a Toys-R-Us kid:

"iPhone user?" he writes. "Want a REALLY cool, fun as hell new app? Check out a game called Fieldrunners! The funnest tower defense game I've ever played."

"The cool part? Well in addition to the game being cool as hell, it was created by an engineer here at 38 and a small group of his friends. It was ranked #12 on the most downloaded apps as recently as Wednesday! Congrats to Jamie and the guys at Subatomic Studios, LLC! I haven't read a review below 5 stars yet."

We'll give it a spin, Curt, but I'm betting Johnson from accounting has already beaten Fieldrunners. Twice. That guy owns tower defense games around here.