"Super Hugo is putting my kids through college." Getty Images

[Ed's note: We're rolling out a 'Fun Facts' on every team in the NBA before the season starts. For more information and to see the other teams profiled, please go here.]

Renowned for its multicultural artifacts—including food, music, and dialect—the "Big Easy" is also keen on its Hornets hoops franchise. Even the elderly are unafraid to flaunt their elasticity in silky gold duds to cheer on Byron's boys. Just be careful, post-game trips to Bourbon Street can, and often do, go awry. Anthony Mason can attest to this fact. While orange jailhouse jumpsuits serve as an amusing French Quarter souvenir, the real fun in N'awlins swarms inside the Hive.

1. With all due respect to Peja Stojakovic and his teammates, the Serbian sharpshooter's better-half clearly justifies prime real estate on this list. And that's a fact!

2. Rasual Butler learns about cheating the hard way. Trina pulls out the patented garage sale move on him @ 2:46. Check it out.

3. After connecting on 106 lob-slam combinations in '07-08, Chris Paul and Tyson Chandler are the confirmed duo incarnation of Gary Payton and Shawn Kemp.

4. Byron Scott's former favorite alley-oop recipient, Michael Cooper, offers a distinct recommendation for David West in this situation: a pimp slap with a backhand.

5. Morris Peterson's indelible overtime-forcing prayer should evoke two immediate reactions to bystanders: (1) a bear hug for Mo Pete and (2) extending Coop's suggestion upside Michael Ruffin's head real hard.

6. A 24-second loading violation notwithstanding, Hilton Armstrong has a ravishing personal website with an even better signature tune.

7. Almost as befuddling, Mike James reports an annual income of less than $30K on his MySpace page, while declaring self-made billionaire status on his blog. He must save like a miser.

8. Sean Marks is the first native New Zealander to play in the NBA.

9. Devin Brown won back-to-back Rookie of the Year Awards in 2002 & 2003 in the USBL and NBA D-League, respectively—not to mention his concurrent D-League MVP lauding in '03.

10. That'll be the last time SuperHugo attempts this feat again.