Clip Reel: Joey Logano

The clips prove it. Dude's NEXT. Getty Images

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While we've done plenty of homework on the lad, and his detractors, we figured that as a service to the voting public, we should present video, photos and articles from all over the internet so you could be better informed as a voter.

Thus, herewith is a Clip Reel on Joey "Sliced bread" Logano.

Might as well kick it off with the E:60 profile on Logano, where they got to invade his garage, not ours.

We produced this video about Joey, and what he's like off the track. Meaning, what do his friends think of him?

And here's the bigger story behind it.

This is a biggy. We all know NASCAR is one part talent, five parts team and funding. Here's Joey officially inking with one of the top names in the sport, Joe Gibbs Racing.

Since we already told you how some are a little jealous of Joey, we might as well show you how that might look on the race track.

A "first win" always produces a pretty cool scene.

Take a peek at the kid's tricked out new cup ride.

You're not really a part of the NASCAR world until you're in some kind of pitchman role.

Yeah, but can he beat you at Wii's Mario Kart?

Let's see if the dude knows how to handle the hat dance of a Victory Lane interview.

Joey has to take on the interviewing grill known as ESPN's First Take.

Dude's personal site is just slightly sweeter than our own.

We remember when we were perusing the internet at the age of 18, and someone had gone ahead and dutifully launched a fan site dedicated to us.

Joey gets the interview treatment from the NYT sports mag, PLAY.

USA Today takes the Logano story for a spin.

Honestly, you're not a part of NASCAR Nation until you've been caught up in your first cheating controversy.

So, why don't one of you just go ahead and edit his official Wikipedia page and make him the new NEXT right now?

We won't tell.

You can access Joey Logan's NEXT candidate page right here.