Clip Reel: Tony Parker

Steve Nash saw this photo and just started sobbing. Getty Images

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The Spurs started the season 0-3. Everyone who's watched basketball this decade knows this really doesn't matter, because Pop and company do it this way: go on long road trip in January for the Livestock Show, start woodshedding everyone and roll over more people come April. Granted, they're older and granted, Manu plays approximately 18,000 hours of basketball per month, but it's the Spurs. No reason to worry, right? They got out of their funk last night, beating the Timberwolves by four in 2OT (not impressive) behind 55 points from Tony Parker (impressive). We like Tony Parker a lot: he owns Steve Nash, raps, has likely been on at least one awkward double date with Mario Lopez and is a pretty sleek PG overall. Let's roll out some articles and clips on him.

Pro Basketball Reference.
NBA.Com page.
Dude owned the 2007 Finals.
Mix video No. 1.
Mix video No. 2.
Mix video No. 3.
CBS News report on Parker, hoops and Longoria.
Speaking of Longoria, here's some wedding clips.
Here's some more. The dudes in this video are speaking French!
Tony's rap video.
Here's Parker rapping at the 2005 Spurs parade. The Spurs seem like they enjoy each other.
Here he is at the 2007 Spurs parade kicking it with Eva and Brent Barry.
DIME Mag: "How good is Tony Parker?"
Sports Illustrated calls Parker "the Spurs' Derek Jeter" in this article.
Eva and Tony, smacking down affair rumors.
Defending Parker? "Pick your poison."
LA Times profiles Parker.
Weren't sure how to end this run, but this Parker pass to Manu is fairly nifty.