Street Wise

We get all the Kenny Mayne we can handle each issue in Outtakes. So to give us a feel for his new web series, Mayne Street (Nov. 11 on espn.com), we turned to a fresher source: the show's real actors.

GOING INTO FILMING, my goal was to answer the question that has haunted sports fans for years: Is Kenny Mayne a robot? But from day one, KM played it smart, attributing his mechanical gait to old sports injuries and his monotone to "dry wit." As filming continued, though, he got sloppy. One day we invited Kenny for a swim. He declined. When I said coolly, "Don't worry, the pool won't rust your joints," he replied, "Really?" We all fell silent. He realized his mistake, but it was too late. We had our answer. Kenny turned his feet into rockets and flew off in robot shame. Now, in this Mayne-less world, I find myself watching SportsCenter emptily, wondering if some questions are better left unanswered. -BEN SCHWARTZ

WORKING WITH KENNY MAYNE IS AMAZING. He's considerate, talented and funny as hell. Of course, some might say Kenny is a bit much to deal with. Some might say his stories are repetitive. Some might say he name-drops a bit too much. Some might say he thinks he's more famous than he is. Some might say, "You told that story yesterday, Kenny." Some might say, "Seriously, Kenny--please stop talking." Some might say, "Kenny, for the love of god, get your feet out of the ranch dressing." Some might say, "Kenny, it doesn't impress me when you talk about Chris Berman so much; I'm a girl." Yeah, some might say Kenny can be a pain in the butt. But I know he's just giving us inspiration to work off of. He's that good. -ALISON BECKER

THIS WAS EASILY THE WORST EXPERIENCE I've ever had making a sports-related web series with a bad pun for a title in which I play a cameraman. It was way more fun to do Barkleying Up the Wrong Tree for TNT, with Charles Barkley as an NBA analyst who opens a doggy day spa. I was "Cameraman No. 3" and also Charles' roommate. I also liked Bosom Bud, for NBC, which cast Bud Collins as a menswear designer who specializes in pants. I played Doc, a filmmaker covering Bud's fashion week show and Bud's ex-roommate. Mayne Street's producers wouldn't even entertain my idea of covering Bob Seger's "Mainstreet" for the show┬╣s theme ("Down on Mayne Street, Kenny Mayne Street"). Yeah, it was a pretty miserable time. -JON