Clip Reel: The Tar Heels

"And I'm singing 'uh oh' on a Friday night." Getty Images

What is "Clip Reel?"

ESPN The Magazine contributor Matt Meyers caused some comment board fury when he claimed that Dean Smith's two titles came on fluke plays (Georgetown throwing the ball away in '82 and Chris Webber's timeout in '93). The rebuttal from our friend who grew up in NC: "Dean Smith could win Governor or a Senate seat down there in a landslide today." UNC hoops is one of the foremost programs in college basketball history. Here's a question: is this the most important year for Tar Heel basketball ever? Sure, the NCAA Tournament is a crapshoot (that's why we love it!), but if the Heels don't win it all this year, is that the biggest letdown in program history? And what does it say about Roy Williams? Before the season gets truly rolling, we take a brief look at the history of Carolina hoops.

Here's the end of that '82 title game.
And here's the 1993 game with Webber.
"The only guy that could hold Jordan to less than 30 is Dean Smith."
Nice and short Dean Smith profile.
Couple of Phil Ford clips. Possibly the most underrated Heel ever.
Because we can: Eric Montross.
Possibly one of the best clips on YouTube: "Rasheed Wallace UNC Dunk Reel."
"Vince Carter's Top 10 Dunks at UNC" could be even better.
Nice news report on Chapel Hill as the mecca of hoops history.
A 4:15 clip of the best moments in Tar Heel history.

Long Tyler Hansbrough clip.
"The Ultimate Ty Lawson Mix."
"Ol' Roy's ties."
UNC 2007-2008: Where Amazing Happens.
A faux movie trailer for this season.
Hansbrough and Bobby Frasor playing ping pong.
Hansbrough and Frasor leaping off the frat house (w/video).
A preview of the season.
Detailed video look at their roster.
A look back at the top five plays of last season.
And, uh, the moment they need to avoid this season.

We'll end on a good note: a six-minute clip of the most amazing plays in UNC history. It's a must watch (it opens with the Jordan dunk against Maryland!)