Clip Reel: Lane Kiffin

"White's never been my natural color anyway." Getty Images

What is "Clip Reel?"

A couple of important Lane Kiffin-related things happened to us this week: (1) we're walking to the subway two nights ago and a co-worker sidles up out of absolutely nowhere. His intro line? "Hey dude, you seen Lane Kiffin's wife?" (Yes, we have.) (2) A different co-worker comes in today and says, "Do you realize Pete Carroll's last few main assistants are now at Tennessee and Washington?" (Nick Holt is sitting by the phone.) We're intrigued by Lane Kiffin, and no, not because of his wife. Our aunt actually works at Tennessee, so we've always had a spot in our heart for the Vols. Time to take a look at the new Mr. Rocky Top.

The Lane Kiffin Wiki.
Here's an article where Norm Chow throws Kiffin under the bus.
Here's the Al Davis press conference where he also throws Kiffin under the bus.
Knoxville loves the dude already, though.
Here's some awkward footage of Kiffin in his car after he was fired by the Raiders.
Some reaction on Kiffin's UT hiring by MrSEC.Com.
Here's a nice video profile of Kiffin.
Here's Herbstreit and company's take on the hire.
We think Kiffin knows what he's doing, but this 76-yard FG he sent Janikowski out for might have been a little too much.
Again, we think he knows whaddup, but why did he leave Reggie Bush on the bench in that Rose Bowl game?
Cue up the Kiffin vs. Spurrier feud!
Good piece on Kiffin from local papers.
A top recruit talks Kiffin.
Here's his message: "Play physical."
He's gonna take responsibility for the offense. Nice.
He's already talking to Dominique Allen.
OK, excessive picture of his wife. We couldn't resist.