The NEXT: Scottie Pippen?

More people should be discussing this dude. Getty Images

Danny Granger is the Indiana Pacers' Batman, but he plays more like Michael Jordan's Robin.

Like former NBA All-Star Scottie Pippen, Granger can score (avg. 24.4 ppg.), hit the 3 (38.8 percent shooter from behind the arc) and doesn't sleep on his defense.

Last regular season, Granger averaged just as many steals (1.19) as Utah defensive wiz, Andrei Kirilenko. His 84 blocks a season ago were three more than what LeBron James posted.

Granger also has those long arms like Scottie, but at 6-foot-8, the Indiana small forward is even an inch taller and more athletic than Pippen.

Scottie has those rings, though, he won with Jordan at Chicago. In order for Granger to get some championship bling at Indiana, the Pacers better find him a Robin before he leaves and goes somewhere to complement a superstar.