Clip Reel: Roy Firestone

Firestone with the late John Candy. Getty Images

What is "Clip Reel?"

If you generally agree that Jerry Maguire was a good flick (seems easy enough to get a person to admit), then you're probably a big enough sports enthusiast that you realize one of the funniest things in that movie was the whole "Roy Firestone always gets people to cry" angle that ends up wrapping up the film when Rod Tidwell gets a new contract. (Oh man, we probably just spoiled the movie for 2-3 people who've been living under rocks.) Firestone turns 55 today, so we're turning Clip Reel to an appreciation of the journalist and interviewer extraordinaire.

His official site.
His Wiki.
No idea what this is, but it's entertaining.
Firestone with Tom Brady.
A treat: Firestone with Ansel Adams.
"A letter to a teacher."
Firestone singing the national anthem at FedEx Field on September 11, 2005.
His Pat Tillman tribute.
A Sinatra parody he did.
He talks about interviewing. This clip has the Jerry Maguire scene on it.
He sits down with Hubie Brown.
Ted Williams here.
Fairly emotional dialogue with Bill Walton.
A smattering of his NFL player interviews.