Clip Reel: Carmelo Anthony

The guy can definitely fill it up. Getty Images

What is "Clip Reel?"

We've never been the biggest Carmelo Anthony fans: dude went to a Big East school different than the one we went to, and was quite successful there. Additionally, 2003 was the first year we laid a halfway decent amount of money down at the beginning of the NCAA Tournament, and we threw that coin on Texas (when they had T.J. Ford), who ended up making the Final Four! We were ecstatic. Then, 'Melo dropped 33 and 'Cuse won the national semifinal. Our hearts sunk. Still, you do have to respect his scoring prowess: 33 in a single quarter last night vs. the Timberwolves. Here's a look at some clips on the fella.

His Wiki.
NBA.Com Page.
Nice five-minute mix of Melo highlights.
His Top 10 plays of last season, according to NBA.Com.
His "Elevate Your Game" commercial.
A rip of his highlights from Syracuse.
Another quality video highlight mix.
The Etch-a-Sketch NBA dude turns to Carmelo.
Carmelo getting his hair cut.
TNT's School of Truth commercial with him.
Carmelo getting drafted in '03.
Another nice fan mix.
Here he dunks on Andre Miller's head.
Here he does the same thing to Yao Ming.
Ridic slam in a game versus Argentina here.
Poster slam over Tyrus Thomas.
Absolutely can't resist: the 2003 One Shining Moment video.
Nice aggregation of Melo info on VIBE.Com.
A blast from the past: article about Carmelo while he was in HS.
Pic of Carmelo and Lala.
Here's the 2003 National Championship highlights.