Clip Reel: Evander Holyfield

"Is that you, Debra Winger? Thanks for coming out." Getty Images

What is "Clip Reel?"

Evander Holyfield is fighting for his fifth heavyweight title Saturday night in Zurich against a seven-foot tall Russian dude. Should be a good time, although honestly, we're pretty stoked about that BYU/Arizona bowl game at 8pm. Since Holyfield is 46 and has seemingly been a pugilist for as many years as there are heavyweight belts you can win, well, we decided to take a look at his life.

His Wiki.
Official site.
"Becoming Holyfield" via Google Books.
Here he is dancing the cha cha cha.
Was he ripped off at the '84 Olympics?
Tyson vs. Holyfield in 1997: Part I.
Part II.
Part III.
Evander Holyfield: "Warrior Spirit" (fan video)
Holyfield vs. Lewis.
Holyfield vs. Sultan.
Holyfield vs. Bowe with the parachute guy.
Holyfield vs. James Toney, Part I. You can get the other parts in "Related Videos."
Part I of Holyfield vs. Foreman from 1991. Again, the other parts are in the sidebar.
Holyfield KO's Buster Douglas in 1990.
Holyfield vs. Larry Holmes.
A longer Holyfield/Bowe clip from '93.
Holyfield vs. Bert Cooper.
Holyfield vs. Ray Mercer.
Evander talking "The Spiritual Side of Hollywood."
Promo for Saturday night's fight.
Remember when he fought in El Paso? Egad.
Fighting Chris Byrd.
Gotta end with this: The Ear Biting Clip.