Clip Reel: Romeo Crennel

"... Romeo is bleeding." Getty Images

What is "Clip Reel?"

OK, so this much we know: despite missing the playoffs this season, Bill Belichick is a good coach, no? Truth. Out of people who have come from under him, though, mostly Nick Saban has been successful. Charlie Weis is making Touchdown Jesus cover his eyes. Pat Hill? OK, but Reggie Bush done fleeced his defense. Romeo Crennel? About to be fired. Wait, Belichick got fired in the Cleve too. Does this mean Crennel is going to become a legend? Wow, we're not ready for that. For now, though: a brief look at Mr. Crennel.

Browns page.
Pro Football Reference.
Press conference clip from 2006.
"Countdown to Lunch."
2007 presser.
This guy is wearing an undershirt and claiming Crennel should become the D-Coordinator of the Cowboys.
Crennel on Mike and Mike.
Ha, this is funny.
Mean: "God, this man is fat."
"Romeo and Andy go to McDonald's."
"The Browns: A Mini-Series."
The 12 Days of Browns Christmas.
"The Browns broke our hearts... again."
"Romeo's Show."
"Sad Dawgs."
OK, this is somewhat weird.
Legitimately good article on Crennel. Read up if you think he's gonna be your D-Coordinator.