Clip Reel: Ravens Defense

For our money, both these dudes are smarter than Ken Jennings. Getty Images

What is "Clip Reel?"

Had this text message debate with a friend on Saturday after the Ravens went on the road and knocked off the No. 1 AFC seed Titans: how many current players on Baltimore's D will make Canton? Ray Lewis and Ed Reed are basically locks, right? Terrell Suggs probably is, it seems. If Haloti Ngata plays 8-10 more years at this level, he may also. Bart Scott? Possible. There could be five HOF'ers playing together right now? Incredible. Let's take a look.

This is the top hit if you Google "Ravens defense best ever," and in it, some guy argues the 1985 Bears are the best.
Gene Wojo on the defense.
So seriously, is this year's defense better than the Super Bowl year?
Here's an archived CNNSI page from around the time of that 2000 Ravens defense. Interesting stuff.
"Quick Reed on the Ravens defense." Get it? HA!
What should the unit's nickname be?
Seriously, why isn't Rex Ryan a head coach yet?
Here are some video clips of that 2000 defensive unit.
Here's video clips of this year's unit. Compare.
This video is simply titled "Death on Wings."
"Darkness There: Ray Lewis and Ed Reed."
Here's a Ray Lewis tribute video.
Here's one for Ed Reed.
Terrell "T-Sizzle" Suggs has one as well.
We'll throw you a Haloti Ngata individual tribute video for good measure too.
How about Bart Scott jacking up Big Ben? Here ya go.
Good New York Times article from '07 about the Ravens' way on D.
Interesting, and valid, debate can be found here.
We like this: article headlines about their D using the word "ominous."