Clip Reel: Josh Smith

Sorry, Andre Miller. That shot may not make it into the basket. Getty Images

What is "Clip Reel?"

Point of fact: Josh Smith is a nasty athlete and an even nastier shotblocker. There's a really good feature on Smith's shotblocking prowess in the current issue of ESPN The Magazine. Go here to read it. Now wait just a gosh darn minute, you gotta be an Insider to read this? Yep. You can go here to become an Insider for $2.50 a month over two years. Seriously: you work what, 20 days a month? Give up coffee one of those 20 days and you can afford being an Insider. How will you cope without coffee, though? Oh, we got you covered. Just rip through these clips of Josh Smith we've compiled for you. If you're scoring at home, the steps are: (1) Give up coffee 5 percent of the work month ; (2) Join ESPN Insider ; (3) watch Josh Smith do sickeningly athletic things below. Have a good Wednesday.

Here are Smith's Top 10 Blocks of 2007, according to NBA TV.
Here is a four-minute, twenty-five second Josh Smith Block Mix.
Smith says "No, No, No" to Chris Bosh.
Another Smith mix of predominantly blocks.
And still another.
This is simply called "Josh Smith Top Ten Amazing Plays in '06-'07."
Smith swats Rondo.
Smith blocks Ray Felton.
Smith seals a win against the Heat with a block.
Monster block on Dirk.
Even Dwight Howard is not immune to Smith's block party skills.
Nor is Amare!
Allen Iverson gets run down from behind.
Say goodnight, Timberwolves.
Don't bring that junk in the lane, D-Wade.
Kevin Garnett felt the wrath in a playoff game.
We'll end with this pretty nasty Smith mix.