Clip Reel: Santonio Holmes

Santonio sure "spurred" them on. Get it? HA! OK, it's early. Getty Images

What is "Clip Reel?"

We're not big fans of the "we told you so" thing, but check this out, will ya? Santonio Holmes, a legitimately inspirational story, caught a ridiculous touchdown pass to give the Steelers their sixth world championship as a franchise in Super Bowl XLIII. Dude got the MVP hardware (partially) because of that (he had a filthy game otherwise, too). Here's a look at some resources on Mr. Holmes.

His Wiki.
Pro Football Reference.
NFL.Com page.
Interesting article about how he got his speed.
This is the Super Bowl week story in The Miami Herald about him dealing drugs as a youngster.
Ridiculous catch versus the Bengals is on video here.
That catch versus the Ravens in December when Big Ben was running all over looking for a receiver is here.
This Holmes highlight reel is called "The Bullet."
Pretty nice diving catch versus the Titans this year.
This link may get taken down eventually, but here's the game-winner in the Super Bowl.
Again, this may get taken down: here's a rip of all his highlights from the game, not just the final catch.
Here is he just torching Iowa's defense in the 2005 season while on OSU.
Remember that long bomb TD against ND in the Fiesta Bowl?
Here's a video about how he prepares for camp.
Ooooh, a Holmes tribute video.
Here's that ridic punt return against the Chargers on Divisional Weekend.
Remember that similar run against the Ravens the next Sunday?
Obligatory New York Times article on Holmes.
We're fairly sure this is the first time Holmes has found his way into The Huffington Post.
Safe-for-work version of the awkward "Santonio in the shower" story from a while back.
A look at the other side of Holmes' catch.
We'll end on this fairly praise-worthy article.