Auction Block: Buy or Steel

"How much for the shoes, Santonio?" Getty Images

Shortly after Santonio Holmes snapped down the football in a corner of the endzone in Tampa Bay, fireworks lit up the skies over Pittsburgh. Fans of the first six-time Super Bowl champs in history screamed and, moments later, the first merchandise offers began to hit the internet. No longer do fans have to wait for local shirt shops to press images madly through the night—we can satisfy our hunger for merchandise instantaneously by pushing a button. (You probably could've done it at halftime.)

Sometimes literally.

If you take the historical view of the team, you'll want to celebrate their dominance of the Super Bowl era from beginning to end. Here's a small selection of goodies available for auction:

Super Bowl IX: Steelers 16 — Vikings 6

1974 Steelers Mug: For your dad's celebratory Irish coffee.

SB IX Steelers Pin: We had a button that looked like this one in '75. Except that it actually had a picture of Jimmy Walker in his bucket hat shouting "DY-NO-MITE!!"

Super Bowl X: Steelers 21 — Cowboys 17

Vintage 1976 helmets pin: The classic colliding helmets image, with the score below. A little more tasteful than the big honker above, as if that were a goal.

Super Bowl X Program: This is worth it as much for the vintage ads inside as it is for the game preview.

Bicentennial uniform patch: Lynn Swann was MVP during America's 200th birthday celebration, and he got to beat "America's Team" in the process. Good times.

Super Bowl XIII: Steelers 35 — Cowboys 31

Vintage XIII Pennant: Kids loved pennants back in the day. We kind of miss that. Does anyone hang these in their bedrooms any more?

Mean Joe Greene Jersey Card: Somehow we doubt Mean Joe would have gone out of his way to tackle someone for a Coke Zero like Polamalu did in last night's commercial. But that ad was a fairly amusing take on Greene's iconic "Hey, Kid!" commercial from this era.

Unopened 1978 Iron City Beer Can: The only thing more delicious than the rough-and-ready team portrait on the front of this can is the beer inside. Probably. Maybe not.

Super Bowl XIV: Steelers 31 — Rams 19

Set of shot glasses: If you pounded a shot for each Steelers SB win back in the day, you didn't get nearly as drunk.

XIV Game Program: Featuring the Lombardi Trophy that ate Hollywood.

Vintage 1980 Superbowl Shirt: It's been so long since this super bowl shirt was cool that the style is actually back in again. You'll look superbad.

McDonalds premium glass: We miss the days when fast food restaurants gave away useful stuff like this. You could take this home and actually drink milk out of it. Or, whatever it was you drank.

AT&T Promo Magnet: Notable mainly for the image of the SB ring on the front, with four diamonds representing the number of Bowls that the Steelers had won at the time. This year's edition is going to be hella-gaudy, then.

Classic Rainbow Patch: This patch could brighten up even the saddest Members Only jacket.

Super Bowl XL: Steelers 21 — Seahawks 10

Polamalu Parade photo: The irrepressible former Trojan gets his celebration on in downtown Pittsburgh in this photo.

Super Bowl XL football: Refer to this oblate spheroid as a material anchor for one's recollections of the contest.

XL Polo Shirt: XL was the game and XL is the shirt. That never gets old. Wear this to your business meetings with Jerome Bettis.

Game Day Program: It really doesn't seem like this happened long ago enough to require a program to remember it by, but these things never go down in value, so if you want one, check it out now.

Super Bowl XLIII: Steelers 27 — Cardinals 23

Replica Coin Flip Coin: When did this Highland Mint take over the coin replicating business? Back in our day, it was the Franklin Mint or bust.

Uniform Sleeve Patch: We like this design, with the roman numerals incorporated into the lines of a football field.

Santonio Holmes Rookie Card Lot: These were already cool to have, but who knew he'd deliver on his promise this quickly?

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