Clip Reel: Signing Day

Last year at Signing Day, this guy was commanding quite a bit of attention. Getty Images

What is "Clip Reel?"

Simply put: college football recruiting is an extremely intense, involved process, as documented in this ESPN The Magazine feature "Please Sign Here." Signing Day is February 4, 2009. A few years ago on Signing Day, Rivals.Com basically increased their traffic so much, there wasn't even a verb for the amount of increase (i.e. "doubled," "tripled," etc.) We wanted you to give some resources on Signing Day '09 and in general via Clip Reel.

Here is ESPN.Com's Insider College Football Recruiting page.
Here is Rivals.Com's front page for football.
This is the ESPNU150.
This is the Rivals 250.
This is Scout.Com's front page.
Legitimate question for 2009: is Signing Day really that big of a deal?
From USA Today: "Signing Day can drag on for weeks."
The Wiki for National Signing Day is actually fairly informative.
The Kevin Hart situation last year.
Lane Kiffin talking about his first Signing Day at Tennessee.
Pryor's Signing Day press conference from last year.
Gator Blog on Signing Day 2009 predictions.
What to expect on Signing Day, Take II: a Mark Mangino slant.
You can't even evaluate these guys until 2014, right?
In case you're a top-flight HS athlete, read this.
Manti Te'o is the No. 1 uncommitted player on ESPN's 150. Here are highlights.
Rueben Randle is high on the Rivals 250 and undeclared. Here are clips.
This is a good article on the whole recruiting trail up to Signing Day, via the AP.