The NEXT: Voice in the Manny Ramirez Situation

Biggs may have outkicked his coverage. Getty Images

Visit the 2009 NEXT universe.

Saw this on TMZ last night, although their website hasn't yet posted the video (that we can find): a photog gets Brad Penny, late of the Dodgers and currently a Red Sox, outside a LA restaurant and he says (paraphrasing): "If the Dodgers don't resign Manny, they have no chance." Then, out of absolutely nowhere, Jason Biggs jumps into the shot! They're friends?!?! The photog says: "Hey Biggs, get out of the shot!" to which he replies (at first), "Hey, I'm an A-Lister!" It's possibly the single-funniest thing uttered in the entire world thus far in 2009. We digress. Here's some pics of the situation. You think any of his new Sox teammates will give Penny heat for praising Manny's value? (Also funny: not the first time Penny has been on TMZ.)